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Why Fitting Matters

Why Fitting Matters

A PING custom fitting will make you better. Having fit countless golfers, we know that professionally fit PING clubs built for your body type (biometrics), swing and preferences will help unlock better performance and lower your scores. With the combination of added distance, improved accuracy and optimal distance gapping between your clubs you’re going to enjoy the game more.

Whether you’re a guest at the PING Proving Grounds, where you’ll meet with a Master Fitter, or you work with our team of PING Certified Fitters around the country, you’ll experience the most precise fitting in golf – it’s educational, fun, and personalized to help you achieve your goals.

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If you’re at all tentative to get a custom fitting (perhaps you’re intimidated by the process), PING custom fitters are expertly trained in working with golfers of all abilities, a good percentage of whom are new to the experience. You’ll see positive results immediately by playing properly fit clubs and you’ll no longer have to make compensations in your swing. Whether you’re a beginner, you’re trying to repeat as your club champion, or you’re a tour pro dialing in your gapping for a major, our fitting tools scale with your skill (we use more-advanced tools if you’re a more-advanced player). You owe it to your game to get custom fit; you’ll be better for it. #fittingmatters for everyone.

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PING fitters are available nationwide. To find one close to you, we invite you to use our Find A Fitter locator at 

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Get WebFit

A static fitting through our WebFit online tool is a valuable starting point for educating yourself about important parameters of custom fitting and providing a jumpstart to identifying models and your custom specifications. Get WebFit and bring these results with you to your fitter as a base for your dynamic fitting using ball flight.

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Ping Moments in History

First Color Coded Karsten Irons
PING introduces the Color Coding System. This system distinguishes the lie angle of the club with a colored dot in the cavity. Golfers quickly see how having the right lie angle helps their game and begin to identify themselves with their particular color code.

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